Episod 16 – Membangunkan Generasi IoT

Memikirkan Masa Depan

My name is Mazlan. I am not sure but maybe it’s always in my blood or DNA to share knowledge, to build talent, or to teach others. I started my journey in the world of #IoT as early as in the Year 2001. At that time, the telco called M2M (or Machine-to-Machine). The data are sent in silos, systems are called Telemetry and Scada is a common name at that time. Applications are limited to remote meter reading and vehicle tracking.

And when I fully embarked on IoT in 2014, I couldn’t even find enough friends to exchange ideas. LinkedIn is my main channel to communicate with friends from overseas. You can’t barely see any jobs with the title “IoT” at that period of time (unlike today, “IoT” is very common in many job positions).

I was part of the team that developed the Malaysia National IoT Strategic Framework and one of the missions is to create an IoT ecosystem. A couple of years down the road, we don’t see this to materialize. Very frustrating after the hard work.

Thus, we took my own initiatives to offer our FAVORIOT platform as an IoT ecosystem for Malaysia and create a movement called Generation IoT . And …oh boy! It was really a lonely journey…. And very tiring too. No one believed in the mission that we should become a #ProducerNation by building our own IoT products. Talents are lacking.

Luckily, I was invited to be part of many Industrial Advisory Panels of many local Universities. For 4 years, we re-look back at the University’s contents and syllabus to include IoT and make it more structured. We hoped that with this refresh syllabus, we can have more IoT talents in the market.

Alhamdulilah, now we are seeing the fruits of the labor, there are many courses in IoT, Masters in IoT (UTHM), Diploma in IoT (KKTMPJ) and even Certificate in IoT (Kolej Komuniti Seberang Jaya).

But I also received many comments from people who make a mockery saying that why are we helping the local Universities because they are not giving you any projects or become your main revenue streams. Well… that’s another story for me to tell another day…

But at least… in my lifetime, I can say that I have helped to build a Generation-IoT that will become the future technology leaders. Hanya Allah Yg Memberi Rezeki.

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